Sock Monkey with Mom Tattoo

Sock Monkey's with MOM tats

Jonah is the first sock monkey I made, and lives with me and my family.  
Jonah goes on adventures and then blogs about them.  If you would like
to follow along, you can click on this link:

This is Jonah's "Mom" tattoo.

Denyse's monkey lives in NY

Kristin's monkey lives in NJ

Todd's monkey lives in CO

Mollie's monkey lives in NE

Jenn's monkey lives in MD

Cherie's monkey lives in IL

Bryce's Monkey lives in AR

I'm moving to Texas to live with my adoptive mom, Rachel.
I have a "Mom" tattoo because I know I'm going to love my new mommy.


Christine said...

These are so fun! I haven't been buy for a while so I didn't know you were selling them. I'll do a fun write up on my blog for you. I'll "borrrow" some of your photos and maybe get you some business!!!


Kel said...

That would be wonderful! Thank you.

Ladeebug58 said...

Rachel is going to LOVE this!! Thank you so much, Kel. LOVE YOU!