Sock Monkeys

My 21 year old son, CJ, has been a fan of monkeys since he was a little boy. Last week we sat down and made a sock monkey together. His is the one with one eye and ear larger than the other, he did this by choice because when he signs his name on one of his designs, he draws a monkey face with one eye and ear larger than the other. It's quite cute!
I have come to realize how popular sock monkeys are again.  I did a Google search looking for a fez pattern, what I found was many sites with lots of fun sock monkeys.  So, after I finished CJ's monkey, I decided to make the above black, white and pink striped monkey for Katie.  She received it a few days ago and called saying she loves it.  I have decided to make her "holiday" monkeys.  I have completed the Valentines Day and St Patrick's Day monkeys and have posted them above.  I'll have to find some spring/Easter socks soon and start on an Easter monkey, although a bunny is tempting too.  I'll then have to look for birthday socks, 4th of July socks...etc.....  I would really like to find socks with the Air Force emblem on them, that would be so cool!  Kate will be deploying to the desert again this year, so I hope to find some tan camouflage socks.  If anyone knows where I can find some of these specialized socks, please leave me a comment.


Christine said...

These are so cute! I love the argyle one! So much fun!

Another thing I should tell you about blogger. I don't know if you can use it on a Mac or not. There is a Micrsoft program that you can use to compose your posts. It's called LiveWriter and it is so much better than blogger. It's more like using Word. What you see is usually what you get. Just thought you might want to know!


Anonymous said...

Very Cute Kelly. I'll keep my eyes out for Air Force Socks and camo ones.


Kel said...

Christine - Thanks for the info on LiveWriter, I'll look into it.

Mickey - Thanks for keeping an eye out for the sock, I'm guessing if anyone can find them, it would be you!

I appreciate your comments ladies.