Marcilio Sock Monkey has a Girlfriend

Boy oh boy!  Marcilio talked Greg into letting him go out the other night, against my better judgement.  I tried to tell Greg that Marcilio shouldn't be going out by himself yet, but Greg seemed to think he could handle himself.  Sure enough, Marcilio came home smelling like a banana daiquiri and had a girl with him.  I threw my hands up in the air and said "I give up" as I stomped out of the room.  I'm so tired of having these guys ignore me.  After giving myself a few minutes to calm down, I went back into the living room to meet Marcilio's friend.  He introduced Murial to us, I have to admit she's cute, but only time will tell if she's a "good monkey" I don't want some little hussy hanging around my boys.  Marcilio said they were going to go downstairs to play some Donkey Kong, it's his favorite game, I said that's fine, however, I pulled him aside and gave him some rules.  No closed doors and the lights stay turned on, I didn't want any monkey business going on down there.  Marcilio looked at me with his boyish grin and said, "monkey business.....Is there any other kind?" 

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