Husker Wallet

I'm not sure about most women, but I have a heck of a time finding a wallet that meets my needs.  I decided to make my own wallet, but still being somewhat new to sewing, wanted to find a pattern.  That proved to be just as difficult as finding a store bought wallet.  So with no pattern in hand, I would have to come up with my own.  Easier said than done!  Some of the things I wanted were a zippered pouch to stuff currency and coins in, a spot for my checkbook, and an area to hold my bank cards, ID and my "Never leave home without it," Starbucks card (and you thought I was going to say American Express.) Here is my finished product, I might try to make another one with some spring or summer fabric, or maybe sock monkey fabric. 

Top section holds a check book, middle section is the zippered pouch, bottom section holds bank cards and photo ID.