Husker Card Table

I found some purchase by the yard Husker vinyl at Hancock Fabrics.  I knew that the card table my boys do their homework on needed to be recovered, and thought this would be the way to go.  Our card table had dark brown legs with a dark brownish green top (it wasn't exactly attractive), but those were the colors my Father-in-Law chose back in the 70's.  The old vinyl was torn in a few places and the legs were pretty beat up.  DH (Dear Hubby) found some hardware to make the legs sturdy and then we found some black spray paint.  We pulled the old top off and spray painted the legs/frame.  I wasn't planning to pull the old cover off, I thought I'd just cover over it.  But after looking at the underside of the table, I decided it all had to go.  So I pulled the old off, removed all the extra staples that were left behind and started the recovering process.  I believe the hardest part of recovering was getting the corners pulled tight and stapled.  Once that was done, I went back over all the staples with a hammer, just to make sure they were in tight enough.  Once the frame was dry, I attached the top, flipped it over, and to my surprise, was very happy with the finished product.


Ladeebug58 said...

Have I ever told you how talented I think you are?

Kel said...

Awwww shucks......Thanks Honey!

Ya know, your partly to blame for all this crafting stuff. It was when you were here for Christmas many years ago with your beading board that got me started.

Christine said...

Oh Kelly, I love this! I haven't seen any husker stuff for a long time. We just don't get much of it here in Idaho!!!

You did such a great job!!!