Sock Monkey Moving to Utah

The fastest turn around time so far!  I think I've mentioned it usually takes about 8 hours to make a sock monkey.  It depends on a few things, like how tired and sore my hands get and also how many breaks I take to do laundry, run errands...etc....  I've not sat down once to complete a monkey from beginning to end at one time, I'm not even sure I could do that.  But this is probably the closest I've come.  He was started and completed in one day, I would've gotten him done quicker than I did, but I guess I fell asleep with a monkey on my lap and snoozed for a solid 2 hours.  Wooops!  Well, I still got him done and he will be shipped today when I get off work.  I feel pretty confident he'll make it to Utah before the requested deadline.

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