Gone Fishin'

Jonah has been asking me for weeks if he can go fishing with us.  After some discussion, DH and I decided it was time to go to Bass Pro Shop and purchase some fishing gear for him.  We found a nice rod and reel for Jonah and then DH and I each purchased a new rod and reel.  I must admit, I do like my new gear, but I still can't let go of my old 1985 Zebco 33 Spincast, I really love that rod and reel.
Well, we packed up the car with the gear, tackle, bait, lawn chairs and bug spray and headed east.  When we got to the lake, I showed Jonah how to properly tie a jig (hook) onto his line.  Luckily sock monkeys don't bleed because he hooked himself a few times, but he was a real trooper and didn't whine or complain.  We talked about how much weight to use and what types of bobbers we have.  Jonah decided he wanted to fish without a bobber at first, which worked fine until it got dark out.  Then he used one of our new light up bobbers.  DH taught Jonah how to cast, I was going to but he was kind of tired of my instructions and wanted some "dad" time.  So, I left the two guys alone and started to drown my own worms.  We stayed at the lake for a few hours, we all got a few bites, but didn't hook anything.  Well, actually DH hooked something large, so large it literally took the bait and the hook.  We packed up and headed for home around 9:30, this is when we noticed Jonah couldn't stay awake anymore.

Jonah got a few really good bites, but wasn't able to hook a fish.

The sunset was very pretty on the water.
Jonah got pretty tired and fell asleep on the rocks, poor little guy.

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