Doll crib makeover part 1

I recently pulled the doll crib I used as a child out of storage.  I gave it a good washing, fixed the bed frame and decided it need a bit more.  My plan is to totally disassemble the crib in the spring, sand it down and repaint it.  But until it's warmer outside, I will just focus on the things I can do now.  I started with a new mattress, the old one was literally taped together.  I guess that is to be expected when it went through 5 daughters and 12 grand-daughters (assuming the sons/grand-sons didn't play with it).  I took the old plastic inflatable mattress, which hasn't held air for decades, and made a case out of natural cotton batting for it to slide into.  Then was the mattress cover which I made out of a poly-cotton fabric.  Here is the first picture I took.  Jasper is the model in the photo.

 The pillow that is in the crib was made by my mom many years ago.  Now it just needed a pillow case along with a crib sheet.

I still felt like it was missing something, so I made a small quilt.

After digging out a few old Cabbage Patch dolls, I realized the little boy, Charlie Mark, was in desperate need of some clothing, I'm guessing he's been a little chilly in the Nebraska winter.

First, I made him a diaper......

Then a shirt....

And finally, some overalls....

I'm almost embarrassed, one of my sisters mentioned a while back that I was starting to become more and more like my mom.  I said "naa", she said, "When the day comes you start making doll clothes...."  I told her that wouldn't happen.....(cough, cough...) well, guess I was wrong.

In this photo the clothes on the girl doll were crochet by my mom about 25 years ago, they were actually made for my newborn daughter, but she was already wearing 3mo old clothes when she was born, so I only squeezed her into this outfit once for a photo.


Christine said...

This is great!!! It's so fun that you were able to put your doll in your daughter's hand crocheted clothes.

Your kitty looks almost like my Tuxie!!!

Happy New Year Kel!

Annie of Blue Gables said...

What a cute post. I LOVE it all.