James Albright

*James Albright (or Allbright), the son of William and Eliza Prichard Albright, was born in Lincoln County, West Virginia.  Per his death certificate it states he was born on June 9, 1870.  However, I've looked at census records from 4 different years and they each have a different year of birth.  So, I am going to use the date on his death certificate as his official birth date.  James died from heart failure on February 12, 1936, in Carter County, KY.

In 1891 James married Thena Jane Colegrove, the daughter of Jeremiah and Mary Anne (Crank) Colegrove.  (Mary Anne died in 1875, Jeremiah then married Mary Anne's younger sister Ardelia Crank.)

James and Thena had the following Children:
Sarah Jane Albright b:  October 1892
Tennesee Albright b: October 19, 1893
*Ezra Nathan Albright b: October 2, 1895  d: May 25, 1950
Fred Albright b: November 11, 1897  d: March 9, 1973
Robert Charles Albright b: March 17, 1899  d: February 12, 1965
Jay Albright b: October 27, 1904  d: December 13, 1988
John William Albright b: March 27, 1908  d: February 1, 1977
Joel Albright b: April 15, 1911 d: April 22, 1911
(Adopted) Kathryn (Cricket) Ulitt b: 1920

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