Hello, I'm Kelly and have been blogging for many years. I live in Nebraska with my wonderful husband and pets. I am a mom of four, all grown, and on their own, and have two grandchildren.

After being in the work force for 30+ years, I am now a homemaker, which I love.  

I'm interested in genealogy and have been actively researching for over 20 years.  My research has led me to various states where I've walked through cemeteries, interviewed relatives, and visited county court houses for records.  I have recently had my DNA tested and hope to connect with relatives soon. Please select the Genealogy tab to learn more about: The Albright, Crank and Colegrove families. Families are being added when time allows.

I also enjoy arts and crafts.  I dabble in painting, sewing, paper making, upholstering, making greeting cards, and have recently started taking apart computers and up-cycling the parts to make lamps, clocks, insects (computer bugs) and picture frames.  

As you look around under the Kreations By Kelly tab, you will find Jonah the sock monkey.  He was the first sock monkey I made and has a personality like no other.  He has traveled to Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia and Las Vegas. You will find a video of him on the Las Vegas strip and doing a little gambling. Years ago, he was having a hard time getting around and had major reconstructive surgery, it went well and he's back to his normal feisty self. Jonah also has a little brother, Jonah and is a subject of Mahala, Queen of the Sock Monkeys.

I will be painting small rocks and leaving them in public places for others to find. You can learn more about this project under the Rockin' A Smile tab.

Please feel free to look around for awhile.  Comments and/or suggestions are appreciated.

I hope you have a great day with many blessings.