Green Plaid for 3-6 month old

I feel good.....I have been sewing for a very short time and I love it. This is a sample of my new found skill. I look forward to this summer when I have time off from my job at a middle school and will be able to devote more hours to my craft room.


Christine said...

Your little outfit is adorable. I haven't been doing much sewing for a long time. I need to sew some new summer clothes. The last couple of years. I've bought patterns and fabric (even cut one out) and never got around to the sewing. This summer, I promise (hehe).


Kel said...

I tell you what...You do the cutting and I'll do the sewing! I hate the cutting part, but love the sewing part! I'll be done with work for the year on June 12th, hopefully I can get online more often and chat with you. Maybe we can inspire each others creativity.

Ladeebug58 said...

I'd love a pair of slippers like these in MY size! So cute!