Sock Monkey Slippers

I'm loving these sock monkeys, they are so fun to make especially with all the colorful socks you can buy this time of year.  I found some cute Easter socks, so will be making Katie's Easter sock monkey soon.  My friend Mickey bought me some tan colored socks, so I'll be making a few monkeys with a military theme.  Tonight I started working on a pair of sock monkey slippers, I don't have them finished yet, but will post a photo when I'm done.  I mailed Aunt Linda's monkeys to her, hopefully she'll get them in the next day or two, sure hope she likes them.  A few people I work with would like to purchase sock monkeys from me, but I'm not sure what to charge.  I'm thinking between $15.00 and $25.00 depending on the cost of the socks and the size of the monkey.  Have any of you seen the new commercial on t.v. with the sock monkey driving the car?  I laughed so hard when the monkey was getting a "mom" tattoo, I might have to just try to add that to one of my future monkeys.  I'm thinking about trying to make other animals but need to catch up on some of my other projects first.
Monkey slippers are done!

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Christine said...

I've seen that commercial and it made me think of you!!!