Jonah's many siblings

You may remember a while back I was helping my mom with all the socks that were to become my brothers and sisters.  Well, mom and I have been hard at work sewing and stuffing socks to make more SOCK MONKEYS!!!  Sorry, I get a little excited.  I've actually helped mom take some pictures too, she had me sit in the middle of all the "new" monkeys and had me show them the ropes on how to sit still for photos.  So, here ya go....more pictures of SOCK MONKEYS!!!  Ooops there I go again.
 From left to right:  Phil's monkey who will be staying in Lincoln.  Lauren's monkey who is traveling to Arizona, ME (Jonah), Baby Ethan's monkey who has already moved to Omaha and Sean's monkey who is going all the way to Pennsylvania.
This is Bob's monkey, he's all packed and ready to move this afternoon, he's going to Washington D.C.  I wonder if he'll get a job at the White House....WOW....That would be so AWESOME!

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