Jonah's new camper

Howdy Campers!
Mom and Dad wanted to buy a new camper, the old one was just too much work for them.  Mom said they are getting too old to set it up and tear down camp every time they go out.  She also said they needed more storage space, so after lots of thinking, mom and dad bought a used camper.  It's perdy....
Dad's car isn't ready to pull it yet, so the nice man we bought it from delivered it to our house.  He showed us all the things inside and out and how they worked.  After he and his family left, it was MY turn to take the grand tour.  It is really nice, Mom and dad said when Paul and Bryan aren't camping with us, I get one of the beds all to myself, unless of course Buddy and Missy, those two feisty canine's decide to sleep with me.  I haven't camped yet, so I practiced while the camper was in the driveway, so I'd know what to expect.  I posed a few times for dad.

I wonder if I can find Curious George on one of these stations?

Oh, umph, grrrrr.....Could I get a little help here?

Ahhhh....There..... a nice little spot that's just my size!

A little hot cocoa will be great by a morning campfire.

Do do do do, do do doot do do do......I'm SINGING in the shower, just SINGING in the shower, what a glorious feeling, I'm squeaky again, as clean as can be, and I'm SINGING, in the shower...

Hey, can't a guy get a little privacy around here?

Five little monkeys jumpin' on the fell off and it turned into a..........

DOG PILE, MONKEY STYLE!!!!  woo hoo, giggle giggle, hahahahaha
tee hee....hey, get your tail out of my nose!

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Christine said...

I haven't been around for awhile but things have settled down and I'm back to MY normal!!

You are too funny with the monkeys but it sounds like a great time camping!!! I'm thinkin' you had a tent trailer before. I had one and sold it to my neice for the same reason. Too much work. Plus, since I camp alone most of the time, I really didn't feel safe. The door locked but then the walls were just attached with velcro!!!