Anna's Monkey

Well, it's been quite sometime since I've been on here, I'm still alive and kicking, just low on motivation.  I know excuses, excuses....  Actually, we have been out camping a few times, I've finally gone to a Nebraska Husker football game, been out fishing a few times and have been sewing.  So I guess I haven't been totally unmotivated. My darling daughter, Katie, is starting to really show off her baby belly, she is so darn cute, just wish she was close by so I could talk to my little grandson***sigh*** but all is well, mamma and baby are coming along just fine.  I've started making clothes for baby Damien, but until his mommy gets to see them, I'm not going to post them on my blog.  I've only gotten two finished, but have lots of ideas bouncing around in my head.
I caught up with an old friend on Facebook a few months ago, he lives about 50 miles from here, so my dear hubby and I met up with him and met his two adorable kids.  We spent a fun filled day at the SAC Air and Space Museum, it was a nice time.  His kids were absolutely wonderful, so well behaved and polite.  His little girl, Anna, asked me about the sock monkeys I make, so I made one for her and finished it last night, I just hope I get to see her again soon so I can give it to her.  Now I just need to come up with something for an 11 year old boy, it doesn't seem right to give the little girl a gift and not one to his son.   Hmmmm....anyone have any ideas?
Well, here is a picture of Anna's monkey.....


Christine said...

Anna is going to love her little monkey!!!

I don't know how old the boy is but maybe he would like one of the tatooed monkeys. The are so darn cute!!!

Nice to see you blogging again!!! I've missed you.

Kel said...

Hi Christine,
Well, I'm going to take your idea and run with it, I'm going to make Andrew a sock monkey too. I talked to his dad and he's a boy scout, so I'm going to make his monkey a little boy scout uniform, providing I can pull it off. I'll post pictures when I get done, however, I haven't even started yet.
Have a wonderful day!