Catching up

 Well, autumn is in the air along with a chill in the early morning and late evenings which is perfectly fine with me.  I'm so tired of hot flashes, it doesn't help that I'm 50lbs overweight, but I'll save that for another blog entry.  Dear Hubby (DH) and I have been trying to go fishing once a week for the past month or so, I've enjoyed sitting by the water and listening to God's little critters.  I invited a friend of mine to go fishing with us, he passed, but did have a funny idea.  He suggested the next time we pull the camper out to the lake, I spend some time fishing and follow it up by sewing next to the campfire, that way I'll get to do many of my favorite things in the same day., how to lug along a sewing machine and set it up next to the campfire....LOL...Great suggestion Larry (wink wink)
I'm still sewing, but I haven't done a very good job of taking pictures and posting on the blog.  I'll attempt to catch up a little today.
The photos below are all night shorts for DH, he's worn all of them a few times so they've been through the was and don't look as crisp and new as I'd like for the photos, but you get the general idea.  All of
these shorts were made using McCalls pattern 6104.

Route 66 fabric

Black with gold stars fabric

Manatee fabric
Kokopeli fabric
Lighthouse fabric


Christine said...

You must have had a little quiet time! I love when Jonah gets to post. He's so entertaining!!! Love all your sewing as well! I really need to get back to the sewing machine!

You could plug your sewing machine into a currant bush!!! I know, bad one!!!

Kel said...

"Currant bush" tee hee....I love it! I'm going to ask DH if he can rig that up for me...LOL
Ooops, hold on a minute..."Jonah, no you can't take my keyboard, Jonah.."

Hi Christine, this is Jonah, thanks for reading my blogs, I'm so happy you find me entertaining. Wow, when I read that you think I'm entertaining it got me thinking, I wonder if Kermit the Frog will let me go on the road with him. Mom loves Kermit, so I know she'll let me go. I can see it now "Swinging Monkey and Hip-Hoppin' Frog take center stage in Vegas" and since I've already been to Vegas with Dad, I know my way around. Maybe you saw my video, heck, dad even let me drive the rental car. SWEET!