Drew and Anna's Sock Monkeys

Hi, we're Drew and Anna's sock monkeys, although they don't know that yet.  Their daddy will be picking us up in a few days and taking us home with him, then we'll get to meet Drew and Anna for the first time, we are so excited.

[Drew's monkey] Drew likes to hunt, fish and boy stuff like that, so I have a camo vest to wear when we go out and do "guy" things together.  I already know Drew is going to be my favorite guy, so I got a tattoo on my arm that says "Drew", I also liked it because my cousin who is on the Kia commercials has a tattoo on his arm that says "mom".

[Anna's monkey] Anna is an adorable little girl, I've seen pictures of her, she has the most beautiful smile and sparkly eyes.  Anna likes pink and purple so I asked my human mom to make me some purple pajamas.  They are nice and warm, which is good during our cold winters.  I'm hoping Anna has a pajama party with her friends and I can show off my pretty jammies.....although my jammies will never be as pretty as Anna, she is so darn cute!  Oh, I almost forgot, I have a tattoo that says "Anna" over my heart because I know I'm going to love her!


Christine said...

You two are so cute and I LOVE your pjs!!!

Kel said...

Thank you for the compliment on my pajammies Miss Christine. I looked at your web site with my human mommy and we really like your pink feather tree. It's purty!