Santa Sock Monkey

With it being the Sunday before Christmas, the holiday cheer is filling our house.  The sock monkeys made banana cookies for Santa Monkey so they'll be ready to set out later this week.  We had a lot of fun making the cookies, we laughed, sang and danced in the kitchen in between baking batches of cookies.  I have never seen so many bananas in my life!  I think the sock monkeys ate more than they baked, it's kind of like humans who eat more chocolate chips then they put into their cookies.  We got the job done though, and the kitchen is all cleaned up and dinner is in the oven.

Jonah thought it was a good time for Baby monkey to visit Santa for the first time. Soon after, I heard Joshua and Baby laughing and dancing around as they saw Santa Monkey appear in our living room.  Joshua sat on Santa Monkeys lap first and then Baby monkey crawl onto Santa's lap. I was very surprised, Baby didn't cry at all, he did very well for his very first Santa Monkey visit.  Santa Monkey asked what the boys wanted for Christmas.  He then did an amazing thing, he told the boys the story of baby Jesus, and how Mary and Joseph traveled afar, looking for a place to rest and for Mary to give birth. He explained how baby Jesus is the Son of God, our Heavenly Father and is our Savior. When Joshua asked why we give presents, Santa Monkey told him of the three wise men and how they traveled to meet baby Jesus and gave Him precious gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Santa Monkey did a wonderful job with the boys, I thanked him for stopping by and telling Joshua and Baby the Christmas Story.


Christine said...

It was so nice of Santa to read the Christmas Story! I love your monkies and all your activity!!!

Kel said...

Thank you Christine

Ladeebug58 said...

Santa Monkey is the best! I'm so thankful that he remembers to tell the little ones about the real reason for the season.

Love you, Kel... and your monkeys!