Guardian Sock Monkey

As many of you know, last June we visited our daughter in North Carolina.  We were thrilled to find out we were going to be grandparents.  Jonah was especially tickled when he got to listen for the baby.

We had the opportunity to go back last month to meet our grandson for the first time.  Jonah loves flying, here he is showing off his airline ticket.

Wouldn't you know that Jonah became the "over protective" uncle.  Poor Baby D, couldn't even sneeze without Jonah being right there to make sure he was okay.  Here are a few pictures of Jonah with Baby D.

Of course Jonah knew he couldn't stay in North Carolina and continue to watch over Baby D, so he left one of his monkey friends to continue protecting Baby D.  In this photo, the rookie monkey is in training, Jonah was watching his every move to make sure he was qualified for the important job of "guardian monkey".

The following photo was taken just before we left.  I think Jonah was feeling very comfortable with his selection of Baby D's guardian monkey.  We as grandparents also feel confident that the rookie will be a pro in no time at all.

Now we just have to wait for Baby D. to give his guardian monkey a name.


Christine said...

Here I thought Jonah was the cutest thing on earth but Baby D definately has him beat!!! However, in July, I think my niece's new little boy will be the cutest thing on earth!!! Since I didn't have children of my own, Alicia's kids will be like my own grandchildren!!!

Kel said...

Congrats Auntie/Grandma Christine. I hope you live close to Alicia and her kids so you can give them lots of love and spoil them.

Greg Kubitschek said...

Very cool. Jonah likes to have new friends!