Husker and Super Sock Monkey!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Monkey!!!  Super Monkey will swing from the highest trees, tromp through the muddiest swampland, swim across mighty oceans, crawl through the most barren deserts to find the finest bananas in the world.  Super Monkey will not rest until he can feed all homeless sock monkeys on the planet.

Super Sock Monkey has a brother, Husker Monkey.  Husker Monkey is one of the athletic trainers at UNL.  His claim to fame is being Ndamukong Suh's trainer, mentor and best friend.  Husker Monkey (or HM to his friends) is one hell-of-a chimp, he's loved by many at UNL and is sure to become a professional trainer with the NFL in the near future.


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