Twins Blankets and Monkeys

I must admit I've been a bit busy sewing these past few weeks.  It's been too darn hot to go outside, so I've been staying in.  Here are a few of the projects I've been working on.

One of my co-workers is due to have twins this fall.  She learned that she will be having a boy and a girl.
Being a mom of twins myself, I knew I wanted to make something special for her babies..............

Here are two burp clothes laying on a swaddling blanket.  I know two burp clothes aren't nearly enough, but it's a start.

I also knew that sock monkeys were a must.  (I would be in trouble with Jonah if smonkeys weren't involved)  So, here is the baby boy sock monkey.

The blue and pink socks can be purchased online.  I use Red Heel socks from the Rockford Sock Company.  You can also find the blue socks at Hobby Lobby. However, I have never seen the pink socks carried there.

Instead of using the red heal for the mouth, I decided to use the toe portion of the sock for the baby's faces, I think they are cuter.  I also used a bit of extra sock fabric for the nose.  The eyes are brown felt that are sewn on.  Since these are for babies, I didn't want to sew on buttons for safety purposes.
The swaddling blanket and the outer portion of the burp clothes are made with flannel fabric, I like the soft feel of flannel for little ones.
The inner portion of the burp clothes are made out of gauze diapers. You can purchase a package of twelve gauze diapers at Target. These diapers are not pre-folded, so I fold them in half before sewing them to the flannel.

Here are a couple of blankets
for another set of twins.
These two baby boys live on
the east coast.

My niece had twin girls, so of
course I had to make two
baby blankets and twin
sock monkeys.

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