It's Me, Jonah!

Hi everyone, I'm borrowing mom's computer to tell you what happened at our house.  Dad's been taking Bryan to Dubuque so he can get ready for drum corps.  While Bryan is practicing, dad hangs around town.  He brought me and mom a surprise the last time he came home.  Can you guess what it is?  Or maybe I should say, can you guess who they are?  I'm so excited....I can hardly contain myself!  My dad brought my new brothers and sisters home!  WOO HOO......  Mom said I'll have to be patient before I can play with them.  She said sock monkeys need time to develop, kind of like babies when they're in mommies tummies.  Gosh, I don't want to wait too long.  I tried to help mom with the socks, here's a picture of me getting ready to pick some up and carry them into mom's room, so she can help them develop.
I carried a few in at a time, but then got tired of walking back and forth, so, I picked up a big bunch of socks, but there was a problem, I slipped on the hardwood floor and the socks went flying everywhere, luckily they cushioned my fall.
How am I going to explain this mess to mom, she did ask me to be careful, and said this is "precious cargo", at least I don't think there was any damage done.  I took the time to look closer at each sock, that took a long time.
Looking at that many socks gets BORING, I accidentally started to daydream....I imagined myself living on a banana plantation....Oh how glorious that would be, all the bananas I can eat, and there were many kinds too.  Banana splits, chocolate covered bananas, Bananas Foster, banana cream pie and bananas on a stick! 
Then I heard "Jonah, what are you doing, are you okay", I quickly said, yes mom, I'm fine as I rolled over and glanced at the socks.  Hmmmm.....I thought to myself, if just taking these socks to my mom has become this great of an adventure, I REALLY can't wait until they are my brothers and sisters.  We are going to have lots of adventures together.  Oh how I love my sock family......

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Ladeebug58 said...

... you need help... LOL!